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Benefitting the athlete. Built by the athlete.
— Rashan A. Gary

Rashan Gary Sports (RGS) is a full-service sports agency specializing in athlete and brand representation and management

RGS is led by a talented team, with 50+ combined experience across multiple unparalleled sports verticals.

Business, Legal, Entertainment, Branding, Partnership, Infrastructure, & Charity

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“The starting point for everything - before strategy, tactics, theory, managing, organizing, philosophy, methodology, talent or experience - is work ethic.”
— Bill Walsh - Legendary Head Coach


RG Sports Services


Support Mental Wellness programs, both during and post-career, to realize his/her own abilities and management of personal and professional stresses. RGS initiates supportive programs with focuses ranging from mental well-being to self worth.


Preparation is the key. Our team will work tirelessly to pursue strategic opportunity for its clients, cultivating partnerships or other commercial relationships. Our strategies are targeting long-term value and optimizing timely deliverables.


RGS specializes in legal negotiation, both contractually and partnerships, working in the ethically best interests of our clients.


Planning based upon the athletes strength, needs, skills and interests. RGS’ objective is to ensure athletes are provided the necessary skills and services to ensure a smooth transition into the professional sports arena and ultimately the transition into post-career life.